Knitido Rainbows toe socks – Colour your toes!
You like it colorful, but do not want to sacrifice quality? The Knitido Rainbows are fun, calf-length toe socks with colorful toes – but also so much more. The 95% cotton content makes the sock soft and comfortable on the skin. Thanks to the elastane and a precisely knitted heel, it also has a precise fit.

Your advantages at a glance
Pleasantly soft, skin-friendly and robust with 95% cotton.
The toes are colourful, but the foot and the upper are black and grey respectively: this makes the toe socks easy to combine in everyday life.
Perfect fit thanks to the elaborated heel and the fit zone at the midfoot.
Hygienic and breathable: The fabric between the toes absorbs moisture and ensures a good foot climate.
As well as all the advantages of Knitido toe socks.
Our colour palette
Happy Toes – as colourful as a jar of sweets in a flower meadow. Are you so full of energy and drive that you could pull out trees? Simply wriggle your excess energy away with your toes. Happy Toes – the sock that turns you on.
OceansFive – waves, wind and water. Oceans Five brings back memories of your last holiday by the sea. Cool breeze from the front, bright blue sky from above – one look at your toes and you’re back at the sea. Can you manage a wave with your toes?
Crayon Angels – five colourful toes like in a paint box. Strong, clearly contrasting colours – a little bit of everything. Everyday life too grey for you? You have all the basic colours on your toes, paint it with them!
Cotton Candy – as soft as candy floss. Brightly coloured toes, but in light: subtle pastel shades for a sugar-sweet sock that awakens spring fever. Fine and airy like macarons – every toe a different taste.
Jelly Bean Buddies – an autumnal blue background and 5 delicious sweets… er, toes. The cool alternative to the classic.
Sweet & Sour – as exciting as sour candies. These are the toe socks for Halloween, even if the sugar bowl is just empty…


Μαύρο, Σκούρο μπλε, Ανθρακί, Τιρκουάζ


35 – 38, 39 – 42, 43 – 46


Unisex, Ανδρικό, Γυναικείο