The Knitido Marathon TS toe so cks – specially developed for sports and long distance running – have enjoyed great popularity among Japanese marathon runners for many years.
But also in Europe and the USA more and more running and endurance athletes wear toe socks without or with compression.

MTS Marathon toe socks – Your advantages:
The arch support in the midfoot area stabilises the arch and protects the foot muscles against premature fatigue.
The silicone In-Shoe-Grip counteracts blistering, blue toenails and nail separation: The sock is harder to slip in the shoe and therefore reduces irritating friction.
A deep-set Y heel ensures the perfect fit. It prevents pressure points because the toe socks have fewer wrinkles.
The ergonomic 3D knit at the toes and ball of the foot also has a positive effect on the fit and inhibits wrinkling. This allows the feet and toes to relax better and become exhausted less quickly.
Breathable running socks: The mesh zone on the back of the foot guarantees a high level of air permeability and facilitates the removal of heat and moisture to the outside.
Last but not least, the toe chambers contribute to better ventilation of the spaces between the toes and remove the necessary breeding ground for foot odour and athlete’s foot to thrive.
MTS Marathon toe socks against premature fatigue
The MTS Marathon toe socks stabilise the arch and metatarsals. They support the foot muscles, make them more efficient and thus prevent the midfoot from sinking, which can have a negative effect on the rolling behaviour under certain circumstances.

In this way, they not only support your feet and legs, but also your back, joints and muscles. You will notice that even after covering long distances, your feet and legs feel fit and do not become clumsy or heavy.

We cannot promise you that you will run faster with the MTS toe socks, but you will be less exhausted and more relaxed after long runs than before.


Μαύρο, Μπλε, Πορτοκαλί


35 – 38, 39 – 42, 43 – 46, 47 – 50


Unisex, Ανδρικό, Γυναικείο