Plain sneaker toe socks with grip – ideal for Pilates, yoga and dance. Available in two sizes (35-38, 39-42) and five color combinations.

Embedded BalanceKnitido Plus toe socks Embedded Balance for Pilates and Yoga
– the support concept of Knitido+
Feet are the foundation of our body – and usually have a great load to carry. The whole body literally stands on them, and at the same time its alignment depends on how they stand on the ground.

Challenge your balance – and try the Pilates and Yoga toe socks with balancing footbed.

Knitido Plus toe socks for yoga and pilates

Two lateral pads on the sole of the foot support the longitudinal arches and “show” your feet where to place the centre of gravity correctly: Your body balances and plays with the new feeling on the sole of your foot. You will be surprised how your sensory system will improve.
The anti-slip coating of Knitido Plus guarantees a secure grip on the surface.


Μαύρο, Γκρι, Σκούρο μπλε, Κίτρινο, Ροζ


35 – 38, 39 – 42, 43 – 46


Unisex, Ανδρικό, Γυναικείο