The TOPI Natural bamboo microfiber cloth is designed to effectively clean dust and dirt from clothes, shoes, bags, and other delicate surfaces. It is soft, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Versatile: The bamboo microfiber cloth is designed to effectively clean all materials. It is perfect for cleaning clothes, shoes, bags, and other delicate surfaces, removing dust and dirt with ease.
Super soft and environmentally friendly: The microfiber is made from natural bamboo, providing an extremely soft and non-abrasive cleaning experience. It is gentle on materials and suitable for delicate surfaces.
Wet or dry cleaning: When used dry, the microfiber cloth utilizes static electricity to attract and collect fine particles, allowing for chemical-free cleaning on delicate surfaces. For more thorough cleaning, simply moisten the cloth with TOPI NATURAL cleaning foam or a cleaning solution.
Super absorbent and quick drying: The microfiber cloth made of bamboo has exceptional absorbency, capable of absorbing more than 7 times its own size. This ensures efficient cleaning and quick drying times.

Clean with confidence while maintaining a sustainable environment using the TOPI Natural bamboo microfiber cloth.


Suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. The microfiber cloth is easy to wash and reuse again and again. Machine washable, do not use bleach or fabric softener.


The material is organic bamboo. Growing bamboo is an environmentally friendly process and does not require much water. Bamboo is fast-growing, growing about 30 cm per day!