New asymmetric compression concept for better blood circulation and increased comfort.

With the Knitido ACTS 2.0, compression is distributed asymmetrically on the lower leg. The calf is specifically compressed, while weaker pressure is exerted on the shin.

The result: greatly improved wearing comfort with the same compression effect.

The ACTS 2.0 is a gradual compression that accelerates venous return in the legs and supports blood circulation. The compression decreases from the bottom upwards.

Gradual pressure distribution

Maximum possible elongation

Sock sizeMaximum stretch (height: mid calf)
35-3850 cm
39-4252 cm
43-4654 cm

Features of the toe sock part

Comfortable 3D knit for a perfectly shaped fit.
New compression panel on the midfoot: is stronger on the inside and stabilises the arch without pressing uncomfortably.
In-Shoe-Slip-Protect: anti-slip coating made of silicone, for more grip in the shoe and less slipping.
Improved mesh area over the toe gaps for moisture wicking


In the knee area, the stocking closes with a comfort waistband without compression. Constrictions are avoided.

Available in 3 styles

The special feature: At rest, all 3 colour versions are black. When you put them on, your colours become visible.


Robust Himawari yarn that has an antimicrobial finish and is odour-resistant.

The advantages at a glance

comfortable gradual calf compression
improved novel arch support against prematurefoot fatigue
Antimicrobial and odour-inhibiting
Newly developed foot part with optimised 3D fit and mesh zone
Avoiding blistering, nail separation and blue toes
In-Shoe ABS – become one with the shoe
Comfort waistband

Suitable for:

Running and endurance athletes
to wind down after an intensive sports session or a competition
Long-haul aircraft

Due to the In-Shoe anti-slip coating, these toe socks are only recommended for toe shoes to a limited extent.




35 – 38, 39 – 42, 43 – 46


Unisex, Ανδρικό, Γυναικείο